Vet who wanted attention repeatedly poisoned own dog with insulin to cause seizures


A veterinary nurse described as “attention seeking” has been found guilty of poisoning her dog on multiple occasions.

Georgina Bretman, 28, repeatedly injected her cocker spaniel Florence with insulin which seizures and convulsions.

The animal was so badly injured she was lucky to live.

Bretman, who worked at the out-of-hours veterinary clinic Pet A&E in Glasgow, raised suspicions when she repeatedly brought Florence in for emergency treatment.

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Lesley Herd, who runs the practice, noticed the dog had low blood glucose every time, leading her to suspect it was being given insulin.

She also correctly anticipated the dog would be taken into the clinic on Bretman’s day off.

Ms Herd told the court: “The dog was fine between episodes so I really didn’t know what was going on with the dog at all, we couldn’t understand why she was having these episodes.

“Because of the pattern of collapse and low blood glucose on each occasion, and the fact that the dog was normal between episodes, I was suspicious insulin had been administered to the dog.”

Although Bretman initially did not want to sent off blood samples to a vet school for testing, she eventually agreed to it.

Yet after volunteering to send the samples off herself, they never arrived at the institution.

Ms Herd alerted about Florence’s treatment.

Bretman was charged with causing the animal unnecessary suffering in 2013 at Glasgow Sheriff Court under the Animal Health and Welfare Scotland Act.

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Bretman denied “taking a dislike to the dog” and although no reason was given for her behaviour, the court heard she was an “attention seeker”.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of £20,000 or up to one year in prison. Bretman’s sentence will be determined next month.

Florence was re-homed in 2013 and has been healthy since.


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